The Björkman Family Association

was founded in 1938 and consequently will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2013. The members of the association are descendants of Jöns Björkman (1685-1772), a soldier and peasant from Bärbo, outside of Nyköping, Sweden. Some of the male ancestors were gardeners at the estate of Täckhammar (picture above). The archive of the Björkman Family Association is given to the Provincial Record Office (Landsarkivet)  in Uppsala, which is in charge for the records from the mid-east of Sweden, thus also for the county of Södermanland. The archive is accessible to visitors for research, see links.

There are at present more than 600 registered Björkman descendants, living mostly in Sweden, but also a number of persons both in the USA and in other countries. The family tree from the oldest known ancestor, Jöns Biörckman, up to all known family members by now diceased (according to restriction of personal data on the net), is constantly updated. A complete version of the family tree on USB/CD is however available for members of the association by order.

On the welcome page some facts about the Björkman family are outlined and this is will eventually be completed with texts (only in Swedish) and portraits from the archive of the Björkman family.

The Family Association arranges at present family meetings every five years, which usually attract some 50 participants, young and old. Pictures and minutes from most on the meetings from the first one in 1938 up to the latest are available on the same page. The last meeting was held in Uppsala August 2013. Next family reunion is planned to be held September 2018 in Eskilstuna.

The board of the Family Association would be happy to receive from members abroad all kinds of information on all branches of the family, updates and corrections and material for the archive, such as texts, letters, photos!


The letter sent to all members of the Björkman Family Association in april 2014

Hello, dear relatives,

Our thanks to all of you who attended our meeting August 24-25 2013 in Uppsala. See what happened here!
We have got a lot of appreciation for the arrangements, but we are eager to learn much more about how to make it better next time. We are now close to our meeting in Eskilstuna 2018 but we would like to get some input from you for the future, about following meetings, the next one to be held in 2013.. We  also hope to as ussual be able to subsidize the fee of the meeting to a certain degree.

The membership fee
for the Family Association is still SEK 125 (individual member) and SEK 175 (family at the same address). Postal account 85 38 20-9. Special information to members abroad: the fee is optional; if you anyhow want to contribute, please send an enquiry about the procedure to our treasurer (gorlenand@telia.com).

Present board of the Family Association
Gunilla Gren Eklund, Marie Nordwall och Göran Lindqvist. with the deputies Göran Björkman, Marcus Björkman och Jan Nordwall

Thanks to a bequest from one of our members we can advertise the possibility to apply for a sum of SEK 1000-3000. The application is open at any time to members up to the age of 35 and should according to the regulation contain a project that would benefit to the story and the knowledge of the Björkman Family, such as an interview with an elderly relative, a report from some place of historical value for the family etc. Applications should be sent to the board. Information in Swedish on the welcomepage on www.bjorkmanbarbo.se

 The website
is now working and continuously updated. It is essential that all members contributes by sending information of all changes they know about in their family.

We are eager to contact you as much as possible by e-mail, please send your addresses to Gunilla Gren Eklund (see below)

Kindest regards from the board

Mats Kyllenius, chairperson, tph. +46 70-491 24 01‬
Göran Lindqvist
Sofia Björkman

and from
Gunilla Gren-Eklund, the Björkman Family Scribe